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Holiday Referral Program 

Haven’t finished Christmas and holiday shopping? Not sure what to write in that holiday card to your great Aunt Betty? We have the answer for you! For the holidays, Farrell Chiropractic Center will send out a holiday card to your friends and family that includes a FREE gift certificate for an initial consultation at our office. 

All you need to do is provide us with the name and address of the friend or family members you would like to send the card to and sign the card! Farrell Chiropractic will take responsibility for the postage and mailing the card. The patient who gets the most referrals to come into the office by January 31st will go home with a brand new elliptical! The runners up will also be rewarded. It is important to give back to loved ones this time of year, and what better way than to offer true healthcare in the New Year!



Gentle Beginner Yoga

Friday Mornings

9am-10:15am (no class 12/26 or 1/2)


Move at your own pace! We'll begin with a gentle breathing exercise, flow through some joint opening exercises and gentle postures and then finish with an extended final resting pose, or Shavasana.

RSVP or 802-345-9435

You can also connect with Diana on Facebook: Diana Rose Yoga


Tuesday Morning Yoga  

w/ Nancy (Please RSVP)


8:30-9:45 (please arrive 5 minutes early to class)

This alignment focused class is for healthy individuals who are NEW to yoga.  You will learn basic poses to build strength and flexibility.

Yoga is an excellent way to support your spinal heath! 

* Class subject to change. Please email Nancy @ directly to confirm you would like to attend.


Kids' Spinal Health Day

@ Farrell Chiropractic Center!

December 19th- All Day

Donate an unwrapped gift for the Toys for Kids program in exchange for a courtesy adjustment or a courtesy exam/spinal check for your child! 

We are passionate about checking kids for subluxations (interference to the nervous system) as early in life as possible! The birth process, poor neck posture, slips/falls, etc can lead to poor alignment of the spine which can manifest into symptoms such as colic, ear infections, headaches, poor immunity, attention deficit/hyperactivity, and other symptoms.

Give a call @ 899-9991 or email