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What's Happening at Farrell Chiropractic Center?

Yoga for Every Body

Move - Stretch - Breathe

Friday Mornings: 9am-10:15am @ Farrell Chiropractic
Saturday 9am-10:15am Nov 8th, 22nd, 29th @ Waterville Town Hall

These classes are designed for beginners and experienced practitioners as well. Move at your own pace! We'll begin with a gentle breathing exercise, flow through some joint opening exercises and gentle postures and then finish with an extended final resting pose, or Shavasana.

RSVP DianaRoseYoga@gmail.com or 802-345-9435

You can also connect with Diana on Facebook: Diana Rose Yoga


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Dr. Sommers and his fiancé would like to express their thanks for a warm welcoming into the practice and community by inviting you to dinner.

Join us at the Underhill Community Center on Saturday, November 22nd at 6:00pm for our first Thanksgiving Dinner with the Doctor! Dr. Sommers will be discussing natural ways to attain optimal health and wellness as well as sharing real testimonies from current practice members. Following the presentation there will be a delicious dinner prepared by Dr. Sommers himself!

This event is FREE but we ask that you bring a friend or family member who is not currently a patient so they may hear the Chiropractic message. (Adults only please)

The information you will hear at this presentation will be unlike anything you have heard before on the subject of health. Don’t miss out on this event! You may bring up to 4 adults as your guests. Space is limited so sign-up today. We will be taking reservations until November 18th.

You can email farrellchirocenter@gmail.com, call 899-9991, or sign up at the front desk!


Tuesday Morning Yoga  

w/ Nancy (Please RSVP)


8:30-9:45 (please arrive 5 minutes early to class)

This alignment focused class is for healthy individuals who are NEW to yoga.  You will learn basic poses to build strength and flexibility.

Yoga is an excellent way to support your spinal heath! 

* Class subject to change. Please email Nancy @  nancyrenaud@me.com directly to confirm you would like to attend.


Restorative Yoga with Healing Music

Friday November 14th 6-8pm

Join Diana Makovec of Diana Rose Yoga and Heidi Champney of Sacred Sounds on Friday November 14th from 6-8pm for an evening of deep relaxation and healing. No experience needed. 

For more information about Sacred Sounds, you can connect with Heidi directly @ heidichampney@gmail.com.

To begin, we will flow through some gentle stretches and movements to release the energy in the body after a long week. Then we’ll transition into a restorative practice (using props to find comfort with each pose) along with healing sounds. We’ll finish the evening with an extended Shavasana or final resting posture. 

Please RSVP DianaRoseYoga@gmail.com or call



Kids' Spinal Health Day

@ Farrell Chiropractic Center!

December 19th- All Day

Donate an unwrapped gift for the Toys for Kids program in exchange for a courtesy adjustment or a courtesy exam/spinal check for your child! 

We are passionate about checking kids for subluxations (interference to the nervous system) as early in life as possible! The birth process, poor neck posture, slips/falls, etc can lead to poor alignment of the spine which can manifest into symptoms such as colic, ear infections, headaches, poor immunity, attention deficit/hyperactivity, and other symptoms.

Give a call @ 899-9991 or email farrellchirocenter@gmail.com