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Did you make a

resolution for a

healthier 2015?

Come join the fun on Thursday night with Dr.

Sommers and Heather Bedell's Nutrition and

Health Talk weekly at 6:30 pm. Heather will

introduce the basic concepts of nutrition, as well

as helpful hints to stay healthy all year. Dr.

Sommers will speak about physical well-being

, and how to strengthen YOUR spinal health. You

are welcome to schedule an adjustment before the

health talk! No Charge!

Please RSVP in person, via the phone

899-9991 or email



Gentle Hatha Yoga

Friday Mornings


Move at your own pace! We'll begin with a gentle breathing exercise, flow through some joint opening exercises and gentle postures and then finish with an extended final resting pose, or Shavasana. Beginners always welcome! 

RSVP or 802-345-9435

You can also connect with Diana on Facebook: Diana Rose Yoga


Tuesday Morning Yoga  

w/ Nancy (Please RSVP)


8:30-9:45 (please arrive 5 minutes early to class)

This alignment focused class is for healthy individuals who are NEW to yoga.  You will learn basic poses to build strength and flexibility.

Yoga is an excellent way to support your spinal heath! 

* Class subject to change. Please email Nancy @ directly to confirm you would like to attend.




Making Peace with Ourselves & Others

Monday Evenings 6-8pm

March 2nd - March 30th

Most of us have been educated to think and communicate in ways which

promote guilt, blame, avoidance, and stress in our relationships.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), aka Compassionate Communication,

offers a way out of these patterns of disconnection though a combination

of practical skills and time-tested ancient wisdom. The NVC approach

builds connection, safety, trust, and respect within oneself, with others,

and within groups; opening the door to unexpected, creative and

collaborative solutions that address everyone's needs.


Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens are Center for Nonviolent

Communication certified trainers who have worked on six continents

with people of all ages and from all walks of life. They bring an

appreciation of the human challenges in creating thriving relationships,

organizations, and communities, as well as real inspiration for change.


Contribution Request: $125.00 for the 5 week series, or $35

for drop-in classes. Registration: online @ or call 919-929-3293