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What's Happening at Farrell Chiropractic Center?

 Tuesday Morning Yoga  

w/ Nancy (no class April 22nd)


8:30-9:45 (please arrive 5 minutes early to class)

This alignment focused class is for healthy individuals who are NEW to yoga.  You will learn basic poses to build strength and flexibility.

Yoga is an excellent way to support your spinal heath! 

* Class subject to change. Please email Nancy @  nancyrenaud@me.com directly to confirm you would like to attend.


Ashtanga/Vinyasa Hour: All Levels Yoga

Tuesday Evenings 5:30pm-6:30pm

This hour-long class will be taught in the Ashtanga/Vinyasa style. We will be getting warmed up with sun salutations, and working with standing postures like warrior and triangle. This class is open to all levels of practitioner, but some level of general fitness is required. It doesn't matter if you’re flexible or stiff as a board, but a willingness to jump in and get moving is a must.

Come transform, warm up, and open up.

Please pre-register - each series is 4 classes for $40. You're welcome to drop in to any class for $12. Register now to reserve your spot: adena@adenaroseayurveda.com or call 310-7029


Gentle Yoga Series: All Levels

(Great for beginners!)

Tuesday Evenings 6:45pm-7:45pm

This class uses breath and simple movements to calm the mind and improve concentration and relaxation. Great for people new to yoga, and who are just look for some simple stretching and breathing, or for those practitioners looking for a way to practice more mindfully and more gently.

Please pre-register - each series is 4 classes for $40. You're welcome to drop in to any class for $12. 
Register now to reserve your spot: adena@adenaroseayurveda.com or call 310-7029


Dakini Studio Classes w/ 
Lisa Timbers offered @
Farrell Chiropractic Center
More information available @ http://dakinistudio.wordpress.com/about/

6-week sessions will begin the week of April 14 and run through the week of May 19

Please sign up at the front desk at Farrell's Chiropractic or email/call Lisa Timbers at 899-4191 / timbers662@gmail.com.  A minimum of 5 people per class is needed for the classes to run.

Stretch & Core Work for Men - Tuesdays 11:30 - 12:30pm 
A class designed specifically for men who do not take the time to stretch but desperately need to! Lessen back pain, stand straighter, generate more power, and maybe someday touch those toes! All ages welcome!

Stretch & Core Work for Women - Thursdays 11:30 - 12:30pm
A class designed specifically for women who have stiffness in their muscles and joints, are recovering from an injury and want to safely gain back muscle tone and flexibility, or just need to get their muscles stretched out and move more fluidly. All ages welcome!

Integrated Yoga/Pilates - Saturdays 4:00pm - 5:30pm 

Enjoy the flow of yoga while concentrating on core strength in this intermediate class. If you have never done Pilates before you will be amazed at how strong core muscles and correct breathing effect your everyday activities. Fewer injuries, more stamina and power are just a few of it's many benefits. This class is best for active people who have a history of (trying to) stay fit!


"Choose your thoughts,choose your emotions."

Join Dr. Farrell on Thursday evenings from 6-7pm to learn how to sharpen your skills to do both and reduce your stress levels with guided meditation!

- Enhance your capacity to manage stress at home and be more compassionate with others

- Increase your productivity at work and have fun doing it

- Live in the realm of "Something More", as in "I know there is something more to this game of life."

- Lessons and practice in contemplative and cultivating style meditation

For more information, please email Dr. Farrell at tfarrellvt@gmail.com or call 899-9991!

This class is open to anyone.No experience needed.


Saturday Morning Yoga- 9am

4 week series- March 29th-April 18th

If you have never tried yoga or want to get back to the basics, this class is for you! Please join us for a fun, light-hearted class focused on cultivating a strong foundation on which to build your yoga practice. We cover basic alignment, breath work and breath directed movement in a supportive, student focused class. Working our way though specific postures and using basic props, stiffness or strain within your muscles begin to melt away. You will find more ease and balance within your body and mind. This mindful practice closes with a deeply calming final relaxation (shavasana). You will leave feeling grounded, rejuvenated and refreshed!  

Classes are $12.00; $10.00 for Farrell Chiropractic Center patients. 

Cash or check only please.

Please respect sensitivities of others by not wearing scents.

Bring your own mat if you would like, or we have one available.

Feel free to email your questions

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins.

Please RSVP Melissa to itsallonthemat@gmail.com or 802.318.2825.


The Next Step for Beginners- Yoga Series

Dates: May 10May 17May 24May 31, and June 7
Time: 8.30-9.45am
This series is designed to help you build up a more strong and dynamic practice after completing a beginner's series. You will also enjoy this class if you are strong beginner looking for a bit more of a challenge. 
  • Explore some of the basic yoga principles and philosophy
  • Learn a variety of new poses and gentle flows
  • Build on your strength, balance, flexibility and stamina
  • Learn how to adapt certain poses and sun salutations to suit your level
  • Assist in developing and supporting your home practice
This mindful practice closes with a deeply calming final relaxation (shavasana). You will leave feeling grounded, rejuvenated and refreshed! 
Please RSVP to itsallonthemat@gmail.com by Thursday evening prior to Saturday's class to save a spot. Limited to 10 students/class.
Melissa Farr (RYT 200, MSW) is a yoga teacher and social worker who loves to practice joy, alignment, and balance on and off the mat. She has studied with some amazing and wise teachers over the last 15 years and her greatest teachers continue to be those who are least expected.

Kids'Day @ Farrell Chiropractic!

Dr. Farrell is passionate about checking kids for subluxations (interference to the nervous system in the spinal column) as early in life as possible! We're looking to find the problem before it manifests into symptoms! Well-adjusted kids often have: better immunity, fewer or no ear infections, better concentration/focus, less asthma and fewer allergies, improved digestion, great posture, and a positive attitude!

We are offering complimentary exams/adjustments for kids  on the following dates! All are welcome!

June (TBD) 

September 19th

December 19th

Give a call @ 899-9991 to

schedule ahead! 


The Ancient Art of Qi Gong

with Jim Robicsek, M.H.

Saturdays @ 11am (please contact instructor to confirm- schedule subject to change)

Qi Gong is an ancient traditional physical culture modality from China. Even though it’s a healing art, it’s known as the grandfather of all martial arts and in China alone, is practiced by over 80 million people every day.

The Chinese word for “air,” “breath,” or “energy” is qi, pronounced “chee as in cheek.” “Gong” is the Chinese word for “work,” “practice,” or “effort.”  “So, put together the term Qi Gong means Energy practice/Energy Skill/Breath Practice.”

Most of the over 8000 styles of Qi Gong combine slow, rhythmic  movements and postures with coordinated breathing to achieve inner tranquility, vitality, and strength.

For more information or to attend, please contact Jim Robicsek, M.H. directly via email jrobicsek@yahoo.com or 871-9330!