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What's Happening at Farrell Chiropractic Center?

 Tuesday Morning Yoga  

w/ Nancy (Please RSVP)


8:30-9:45 (please arrive 5 minutes early to class)

This alignment focused class is for healthy individuals who are NEW to yoga.  You will learn basic poses to build strength and flexibility.

Yoga is an excellent way to support your spinal heath! 

* Class subject to change. Please email Nancy @  nancyrenaud@me.com directly to confirm you would like to attend.


Yoga for Healing Mind, Body, & Spirit

Thursday Nights starting July 10th

Are you looking to reduce stress, increase flexibility/movement, improve body awareness/posture, make an energetic shift in your life, and/or develop a more positive relationship with your body?

I invite you to join me on Thursday evenings from 630-730pm to take the time to slow down, relax, and re-boot. Bring your mind and body into alignment with some gentle breathing exercises, stretches, movements, and mindfulness. 

Please honor your body's needs in the present moment. No judgements. This class is designed for people of all ages and abilities. Beginners are encouraged. Modifications will be shown and props (including mats, blankets, blocks, straps, chairs, and bolsters) will be available to create a safe, supportive, and healing environment for everyone. 

Thursday Nights 630-730pm
Farrell Chiropractic Center
July 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

Class size reserved for 10. Please email DianaRoseMH@gmail.com or 802-345-9435 
Drop in $12 or Prepay $40 for the series

For those of you I haven't met yet, my name is Diana Rose Makovec. I am a certified yoga instructor through the ShivaShakti School of Yoga & Healing Arts. When I'm not teaching yoga/meditation classes, I work as the wellness coordinator here @ Farrell Chiropractic Center!

My yoga practice began 10+ years ago with an opportunity to connect healing therapy with movement. From that experience I developed a positive relationship with my body and began a journey of self-healing and exploration of life and happiness. After working as a wellness coordinator in a vitalistic office focused on spinal health for a few years I was inspired to pursue a teaching certification so I could share this beautiful practice with others. 


TGIF - Gentle Flow Class w/ Diana Rose

Kickstart your Friday morning with a gentle flow class designed to stretch and move your entire body!

- Reduce Stress

- Increase Flexibility

- Relax and Center the Mind

- Increase Body Awareness

- Increase Energy

- Lose Weight

Fridays ** 730-830am @ Farrell Chiropractic

$12 drop-in

** The space is available at 7am for an optional meditation or restorative yoga posture before the class. No additional charge.

RSVP DianaRoseMH@gmail.com or 802-899-9991!


Saturday Morning Yoga8.30am-9.45am
If you have never tried yoga or want to get back to the basics, this class is for you! Please join us for a fun, light-hearted class focused on cultivating a strong foundation on which to build your yoga practice. We cover basic alignment, breath work and breath directed movement in a supportive, student focused class. Working our way though specific postures and using basic props, stiffness or strain within your muscles begin to melt away. You will find more ease and balance within your body and mind. This mindful practice closes with a deeply calming final relaxation (shavasana). You will leave feeling grounded, rejuvenated and refreshed!  
Classes are $12.00. Cash or check only please.
Please respect sensitivities of others by not wearing scents.
Bring your own mat if you would like, or we have one available.
Feel free to email your questions and please RSVP (before Friday evening) if possible as space is limited. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins.
RSVP Melissa @: itsallonthemat@gmail.com or 802.318.2825.


The Ancient Art of Qi Gong

with Jim Robicsek, M.H.

Saturdays 10:45 am-12pm (please contact instructor to confirm- schedule subject to change)

Qi Gong is an ancient traditional physical culture modality from China. Even though it’s a healing art, it’s known as the grandfather of all martial arts and in China alone, is practiced by over 80 million people every day.

The Chinese word for “air,” “breath,” or “energy” is qi, pronounced “chee as in cheek.” “Gong” is the Chinese word for “work,” “practice,” or “effort.”  “So, put together the term Qi Gong means Energy practice/Energy Skill/Breath Practice.”

Most of the over 8000 styles of Qi Gong combine slow, rhythmic  movements and postures with coordinated breathing to achieve inner tranquility, vitality, and strength.

For more information or to attend, please contact Jim Robicsek, M.H. directly via email qigongvt@gmail.com or 871-9330!


Kids'Spinal Health Day 

@ Farrell Chiropractic Center!

Next event this Fall.... Date TBD

Dr. Farrell and Dr. Sommers are passionate about checking kids for subluxations (interference to the nervous system) as early in life as possible! The birth process, poor neck posture, slips/falls, etc can lead to poor alignment of the spine which can manifest into symptoms such as colic, ear infections, headaches, poor immunity, and other symptoms.

We are offering complimentary exams/adjustments for kids  on the following dates! We will also have a bounce house, games, FREE food, live music, and much more! 

All are welcome!

Give a call @ 899-9991 to

add to our contact list!